Gravity.com, Santa Monica, CA
July 2010 – present

Responsible for developing and maintaining PHP/Zend Framework-based web analytics products. Primary resource for two products. Work includes integrations with Redis, MySQL and Memcache data stores and implementing custom user interaction solutions using jQuery.

Gravity Insights

Principal Engineer (Member of Technical Staff – 5)
Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Lake Forest, CA
July 2007 – July 2010

Responsible for developing a variety of processes, test tools and automation as a member of the Advanced Systems Engineering (ASE) division’s Development and Test Engineering (DTE) department.

Developed a custom, self-contained, portable and extensible test automation script framework called the ‘System Verification Utility’ (SVU) using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Expect/Tcl.

The SVU is a very specialized framework and test suite that was built to assure the release quality of Panasonic’s Premier eX2 In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. The SVU was designed to operate in a proprietary, embedded system and was used to verify the configuration and the functionality of numerous IFE system classes and software components in a highly restricted LAMP environment.

  • It was estimated that the 1.4 MB SVU will save $1-3M in loaded engineering expenses during 2011.
  • To this day it is maintained by a team of engineers and is employed by internal test groups to reduce the time to market for a number of Panasonic’s IFE systems.

Developed simplified selenium-based acceptance and regression tests for new LAMP-based, internally developed, content management system (CMS) for servicing internal/external airline customers and the 3rd party media content providers.

Selenium scripts verified the CMS’s GUI components, form input validation, functional operation and data integrity.
Additional scripts would load custom PHP/MySQL pages that display the SQL query results of the form input data retrieved from the CMS database: used to verify data storage operations and overall integrity.

Developed, led and managed automation development team through the SVU dev plan to 100% completion.

Defined requirements, entrance/exit criteria, master test plan, test approach and release process work flow (along with the documentation) for a new 5-person ‘System and Integration Test’ (SIT) team created with DTE department.

Developed and executed multiple system and integration tests for PAC IFE Systems for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.

Developed PHP-based TCP/IP-client prototype that connects to an IFE service and installs system software.

Manually tested ‘Crew Management Interface’ (CMI) rendered with Firefox on a custom-built LAMP-based Panasonic line-replacement unit (LRU) that flies on every plane with our IFE system.

Senior Lead/Manager, Quality Assurance Engineering
McAfee, Inc./Foundstone, Mission Viejo, CA
December 2002 – June 2007

Hired and relocated from the East Cost to develop functional and system test automation using Mercury WinRunner (WR)/Quick-Test Pro (QTP) and TestDirector/QualityCenter for successful start-up to verify and validate our large enterprise vulnerability management solution.

By Aug 2004, Foundstone was acquired by McAfee, Inc.
Was incentivized by Foundstone principals and McAfee to stay on through the transition and remained for nearly 3 more years after the acquisition date.

Developed a reusable and extensible test automation framework using WinRunner Test Script Language (TSL) that executed WR TSL and Perl scripts used to verify product data sets as well as functional and system requirements implemented in two user interfaces (win32/Java Applet and HTML/PHP/Java Applet) which ran simultaneously on multiple Windows OS server platforms using VMWare.

Trained and Managed a team of overseas engineers through an aggressive 9 month automation development project to script over 5000 acceptance and regression test cases using a combination of WinRunner and VMWare.

The total cost (hardware, software and loaded engineering cost) was $300k but the effort I developed, managed and drove saved the product release over $600k per cycle thereafter with quantifiable efficiency and performance improvements exceeding 90% over existing manual efforts.

Led the use of test automation as a process improvement solution through our division, from the ground up (through Sr. Exec. VP) by developing and presenting case studies, ROI analysis and process design changes that obtained managerial/stakeholder approval, increased financial backing and improved bottom-line organizational efficiency.

System and network administrator for a multi-tiered test LAN, hosting a private HW and VM test hosts and scanning target environment; network test environment designed for verification and validation of accuracy and performance of our world-class security product.

Evaluated new test emulation/simulation environment solutions for engineering department purchase; deployed, configured and managed the packet shaping solution (Shunra Storm) in our test environment to validate production stability and scalability in various valid and extreme network performance configurations.

Administrated Seapine’s TestTrack Pro defect resolution database and managed the defect life-cycle workflow for entire Engineering staff of 30+ testers, developers and other managers.

Responsible for international travel to India to introduce and train new QA team on product design, configuration, implementation, test environments and advanced testing techniques.

Principal QA Engineer
Fidelity Investments/Veritude, Boston, MA
September 2000 – October 2002

Individual contributor (working under contract) on the “Automation & Performance” team for the 2-year long OneView project.

Designed, developed and implemented automated performance test plans, scripts, workflow/processes and best practices for company-wide initiative to convert a diverse and divergent array of win32 client/server application systems over to a unified web client desktop hosted by a multi-tiered, clustered application server system for use by over 5000 customer/account service representatives within the company.

Developed a library of automated scripts, developed in JavaScript, for use with RadView’s WebLOAD to simulate real-time ‘end-to-end’ traffic for functional and integrated performance testing of over 32 application components as well as the application server software itself.

Developed and maintained utilities in JavaScript and VBScript to replace manual tasks that supported the collection and compilation of the test output and MS PerfMon based performance data into spreadsheet templates that used to macros to automatically displayed metrics and charted performance data into MS Excel-based Test Execution Reports.

Designed all document templates and published electronic versions of all plans, in-depth reports and Visio diagrams of the integrated application performance test environment and results, for review by all project leads and managers.

Provided consultation and support to similar projects for other Fidelity internal development and test groups.

Cultivated and maintained relationships with remote development and infrastructure teams.

Senior Software Quality Engineer
New York Times Digital/Abuzz Technologies, Cambridge, MA
July 1999 – September 2000

Developed, maintained and executed acceptance level and component level GUI regression automation for a natural language search engine start-up that was acquired by the New York Times Digital division.

Maintained a customized wrapper and associated custom action method handlers for multiple full deployments and point releases of the Abuzz.com website using Segue SilkTest.

Authored and maintained SQA Team process and methodology documentation, including all project, test plans and reports.

Authored and presented to 3rd party auditor review an interactive Product Requirements “Proof of Functionality” document used to satisfy and conclude the New York Times Digital Corp.’s purchase agreement to acquire Abuzz Technologies.

Co-Designed, developed and maintained SQA Team Test Execution Report submission/review knowledge management intranet site:

Custom built CMS using JavaScript, Java Server Pages and Java Servlets running on RH Linux 6.2 and Apache, using the Jserv Servlet Engine.

Managed daily tasks, workflow and mentored 4 junior engineers in various disciplines including software development life-cycle methodology, defect reporting, test planning, technical writing, test strategies, career development, team building and motivational exercises, and interpersonal communication development.

Software Quality Engineer
Centra Software, Lexington, MA
October 1998 – July 1999

SQA Team Lead for web service start-up for one full product release, one update and multiple software patches during an extensive product architecture redesign cycle to provide functionality through secure networks.

Authored test plans and executed functional and performance test outlines against user interface, installation, licensing, client/server networking functionality and integrated server and database functionality.

Evaluated a variety of test, diagnostic and SQA process improvement tools.

Designed, built, configured and maintained SQA bug reporting database, department file servers, department subnets, firewalls, proxy servers, customer feedback website, lab networks, lab systems, system OS configurations and system server hardware.

In addition to SQA responsibilities, acted as the Customer Service dept.’s “on-site” Technical Representative for active pilot accounts and existing customers across the U. S. – Fidelity Investments, Hershey’s Foods and DA Consulting (UK).

Applications Quality Engineer
IBM/Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA
June 1996 – October 1998

Applications engineer for multiple releases of an award-winning suite of win32 based applications and industry leading suite of Java applets.

Authored test plans and executed test outlines for build and platform acceptance testing, UI functional testing, proprietary HTML browser and SSL security integration testing, inter-operability and cross-platform functional testing for eSuite Workplace, eSuite Applets, SmartCenter and SmartSuite Installation.

Redesigned Notes databases, upgraded test environment tools, configured and maintained test lab’s wintel and ‘network computer’ based systems and deployed new builds to all supported OS environments (Win NT, Unix Solaris servers).

Discovered and reported software piracy involving the illegal sale of OEM versions of SmartSuite97.

Technical Service Representative
The Rental Network, Waltham, MA
March 1995 – June 1996

Installed OS software and repaired and maintained Wintel and Apple PC systems in our hardware leasing pool.

Configured WFWG (Windows for Workgroups) network for internal office customers.

Administered purchasing, shipping, receiving and general account management.

Production, Engineering and Promotions Assistant
WBCN/Infinity Broadcasting, Boston, MA
April 1990 – March 1995

Responsible for producing pre-recorded content for programs including “The Big Mattress with Charles Laquidara”, “Nocturnal Emissions”, “Boston Emissions” as well as for normal daily on-air use.

Developed on-air content using Mac-based multimedia workstation software: Pro-Tools, HyperPrism and Mezzo Media.

Engineered, promoted and emceed various live and on-air station events.

Staff Medical Radiographer
St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Boston, MA
June 1992 – December 1993

Responsible for obtaining radiographs of patients in the Emergency, Surgical, Outpatient and Main Radiology departments.

Performed well on all levels of patient care in every aspect of the radiology department.


Associates in Science – Medical Radiography
Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA
May 1992

Course study focused on Anatomy & Physiology as well as Radiation Physics and Biological sciences.

Additional Training & Certifications

  • Natural Language Programming (enrolled) – Stanford University – 2012
  • Zend Certified Engineer PHP5 – Zend.com – 2010
  • Information Security Fundamentals (CIM 279) – Saddleback Community College – 2006
  • Sun Java Programming Language (SL-275) – Sun Microsystems – July 2000
  • IBM Project Management Concepts and Practices – IBM Training Services – Jun 2000
  • MS Project 98/2000 Course – IBM Training Services – June 2000
  • Java development – Lotus Development Corporation – 1998
  • Lotus Script (proprietary automation language) – Lotus Development Corporation – 1998.
  • HTML development – Lotus Development Corporation – 1997
  • Internet Technology – Lotus Development Corporation – 1997.

Interests & Accomplishments

  • Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa to the summit (Uhuru Peak) – January 2001
  • (Former) accomplished multi-instrument musician and performer for over 15 years.
  • I enjoy playing ice hockey, hiking, multi-player PC/console gaming, alpine skiing, international travel, coffee and other recreational sports.


  • References are available on request.

Thank you for your consideration.