Presenting: Gravity Labs

Most of you know that I am employed by, a big data startup in Santa Monica, CA that’s doing some cool things to personalize your internet experience using the interest graph. Until just recently, we have been operating in stealth mode, the primary goal of which was to stay focused on solving the very large problems we’re facing and to get out ahead of the competition!  What changed in 2012 is that we are no longer in stealth mode and have begun banging our drum loudly about what we do and (more importantly for my geeky readers) how we do it.

We started posting to our own blog and generated a little press in some well known tech blogs (which triggered even more press interest).  We also decided it was time to showcase some of our tech and as a result I was asked to help to create’s new labs site.

Gravity Labs features examples of our core technology, real-time stats, live demos and even some of our open source projects.

For example, our Interest Graph Builder provides in-depth explanations of how we create an interest graph.  It inclues some videos and actual interest graphs (with diagrams and data) that you can examine for your self.

Something else we decided to do was reveal some live data from our platform.  There are some real-time platform stats you can watch rolling along, or, you can take a peek and see what our entire Audience interests are (broken down by high-level interests).  Pretty neat stuff!

On the open source front, a neat project we released is called Goose (yeah, our office fell into the Top Gun thing too) which we use for content extraction (text and images) from published articles.  It has a live demo that you have go to check out – just provide the URL of a newsy/bloggy type page and Goose will do a live extraction of that URLs page content, image and everything!

Another open source gem is for you Hadoop and HBase geeks, it’s called HPaste which is a convenience layer for helping you create rich functionality in your Table and Row objects by ‘hugging’ the Hadoop  Map/Reduce API.

Of course, most of you know that I created HighRoller (the objected-oriented php wrapper for Highcharts).  I’m pleased to announce that Torstein liked it enough to feature HighRoller on the Highcharts downloads page.

Well, that’s one thing I’ve been keeping busy with.  But, that’s not the ONLY thing!  More coming soon!


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