October Experiment: Vizualize.me easy to create infographic resume

Here’s one from the fun department! Have you seen some of those new fangled infographic resumes? You know, the ones with the cool timelines and geometric shapesthat denote time at a company or skill level?Or even some that use easy to comprehend icons to convey what you do or how you do what you do?

Well, Vizualize.me is capitalizing on this recent design trend and I think they’re doing a pretty good job. Let’s begin…

The key to making this work is a partnership with LinkedIn.com, making this user experience a no brainer (unless you’re one of the few not using linkedin?). All of the input data is just sitting there, waiting to be plugged it into one of several layouts to chose from. Once you connect your linked in account, they give the user some of the key options to customize (or even choose from other layouts) and dunzo! You now have an easy to share infographic CV/resume to make yourself stand above the herd.

Big geometric shapes like Sesame StreetThe only problem I’ve come across is that your vizualize.me page doesn’t seem to update when you make changes to your linkedin.com account/profile. If that feature exists, it seems to be buried somewhere. Also, some of the usability around saving changes is a little wonky, but, seeing the results instantly make that a negligible annoyance.

As an aside, I see a lot of resumes and those having a linkedin.com URL always get my attention because, by now, I’m very familiar with linkedin’s presentation of the information about each person. It’s not perfect but it’s standardized, which means it’s consistent regardless of the user and to me that’s preferential. So it’s easier for me to actually scan someone’s linkedin page faster and more accurately than it is to adjust my eyes to an unfamiliar resume format using one of potentially thousands of layouts.

I'm saving you MILLIONS!Back to Vizualize.me, while I have not personally used an infographic resume/CV, I believe that sending one to the wrong type of employer could send the wrong message. Maybe I’m just old school there so take it with a grain of salt. But, for the same reason that I prefer reading a candidate’s info on LinkedIn.com (for consistency), the reality is, this trend may have a short shelf-life. If I suddenly got a batch of infographic resumes all using different styles and layouts, well, you can see how that might work against you.

So, maybe the trend is in fact waning but for fun, I’ll ride that wave while it’s still there!

Check out my infographic resume for a sample of how this might work for your next job hunt:

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