May’s Experiment:

Recently, a friend sent me a link to YATF web 2.0 startup called At first, I was like “meh” but I must have been feeling crappy about my online presence enough to go through with their deal.  I mean, have you tried googling “john mclaughlin” lately?  There’s only like 2 guys with that name who have it locked up for the next century.  And my feeble attempts at locking down anything “jmac” is also comical (worse even than my full proper name).

Enough about that.  The first thing I noticed about this site?  The design is pretty cool. I mean, it’s not like heroku’s “how it works” page (I love it!) but it definitely doesn’t suck.  What the designers over there definitely understand is mobile.  The assets and page elements on this site are big.  I mean a lumberjack using an iPad would have no problem with this site.  Also, the elements are tastefully designed.  I’m not saying I love the site and it’s the best ever, but, this site guides the user through a process involving mostly obscure parts of how the internet works, but, without all of that “internet” cluttering up the works.  Nice job.

Next, the process isn’t that painful.  It’s simple.  In a few short minutes I had my own profile page up ( and was able to ‘boost’ my scores taking a few simple steps.  The most common steps of course involve giving up some Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn love, but hey, how else am I going to differentiate myself from the jazzy guitar guy and the nerdy politico talking head guy with my name?

Since my initial foray into this service, I of course got distracted away from it by…who knows, something about a rocket/dragon and an actual Batman car with a jet engine in it. gently nudged me back to their site with a simple email and a link that took me right to the a report and some next steps.

I probably shouldn’t stay up late messing around with sites like these, but, I’ve always been the curious type.

Anyway, that’s as far as this experiment has gone.  I’d say, so far, so good.



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  1. After trying and failing to increase my score, I have abandoned Brandyourself. I don’t really have a need for it and with 2 already pretty famous people with my name, I can’t see how this service can over come that (I used it, it didn’t, oh well).

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