Evaluating Parse.ly’s predictive and semantics tool Dash

So, I got into parse.ly’s Dash trial and I’m experimenting with it here on my blog.  Their self-serve on-boarding process is okay (not very difficult) but the end result is disappointing. Granted, I only just installed it and I haven’t even published an article yet(and I don’t get THAT much traffic) but the delay related to the creation of a ‘custom crawler’ is a bummer.

And, this is after I gave them my credit card info!  I mean, I know it’s a 30-day trial but, I give you my credit card and instead of a blank Dash I get this (screenshot).

Anyway, I’m playing around with it and I thought I’d let you know what the user experience is like in a future installment.

So far, it’s disappointing.

If you have any feedback or experience with this tool and want to share some thoughts, leave a comment.


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  1. Okay, so long awaited feedback update – a representative over at Parse.ly contacted me.

    Here’s what he said:

    “Thanks for registering forthe Parse.ly Dash trial account. Unfortunately, you are not going to find much value in our product. Dash is focused on providing editorial insights to some of the largest publishers in the world. We don’t yet have a product that is focused on individual bloggers like yourself.

    We appreciate your interest in Dash. Best of luck to you.”

    Well, so much for that effort.

    Now, I wonder what they’ve done with my credit card info…

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