Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Run is Over

Stanley Cup Etching of the 2011 Boston Bruins

It’s taken me about a week for the shock to wear off but the Boston Bruins lost the Stanley Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks in an uncharacteristically Bruin manner – giving up 2 goals in :17 seconds to lose game 6 in front of a stunned home town crowd.
To be honest, they went much farther than I expected.I saw their last regular season game against the Penguins and they looked TERRIBLE! After the game I was in the Pro Shop with my mom and the guy in line in front of us worked in the IT department for the TD Bank Garden. We chatted him up and the 3 of us agreed that the B’s would be “1-and-done” this playoff season.

Pathetic, I know. This is a team that is stacked with talent and should be mopping up the NHL (yeah, I’m a fan but it’s true, look at how they performed during the playoffs!). However, it was also a team that was asleep and not playing to it’s potential…until game 7 of round one against the Maple Leafs.

Bruins vs Maple Leafs Game 7 Comeback

That was some exciting hockey folks, I don’t care who you are…well, ok Maple Leafs fans I hear ya, but if it was you guys sinking the B’s you’d be saying the same thing. To be honest, as much as folks wanted this outcome in Boston, I would dare say only a handful thought it were possible.

C’est la Vie

(complete post coming soon!)

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