Back in the day…

…I used to frequent my local indie rock music scene…actually frequent is an understatement

In the 90’s, you could find me in a club, seeing bands, nearly every night of any given week. On any given Tuesday in the early 90’s, the ‘local scene’ spot to hang was Bill’s Bar on Lansdowne St, behind Fenway’s green monster. By this time, I had played Bill’s Bar with my band Sloe Poke Joe and was a regular there on Tuesday nights.

On one such famous Tuesday night back October of ’93, the noise punk band Jesus Lizard, little known to the mainstream but notorious on the indie circuit, was playing. This meant opening up the club Venus de Milo next door (both were owned by the Lyons Brothers so a door had been installed between the two) to handle the crowds.

Also present was a gang of A/V stoners for the barely known local music cable tv show called HypeTV. These guys were honest fans of music and did a great job shooting this show that night.

For this record, I was standing immediately next to the stage left camera man, up front (I’m not seen in this clip).

This was not JL’s most epic show in Boston, but, it was one of their many great ones and later became a DVD.

And now, Mr. David Yow and his band: The Jesus Lizard

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