Hi!I am a just geeky guy, born into a big Irish-American clan from Boston, MA and enjoying life in Southern California with my wife and son.

I am a passionate and self-motivated programmer and engineer with over 20 years of experience configuring, provisioning, testing and automating a variety of systems and software. I love music, sports, infosec, geo-politics and coffee.

I am currently employed by a “unicorn” security start up headquartered in Irvine, CA. I create and maintain automated tools, frameworks, infrastructure and active monitoring systems for a SaaS security platform that processes over 45 billion events per day. I am also responsible for the strategies around the quality and continuous delivery of that platform.

I was more recently employed by Gravity.com, to develop new features for analytics platform called Gravity Analytics that processed hundreds of millions of user interactions daily.

I created an open source project called HighRoller.io. It’s an object-oriented PHP wrapper for the popular Highcharts javascript charting library and it’s available on github.

I am a ZCE PHP5 Certified programmer.

Previously I was employed by Panasonic AvionicsMcAfee/Foundstone, Fidelity Investments, NYTimes/Abuzz, Centra Software and IBM/Lotus Development.

Prior to the technology field, I worked in broadcasting for WBCN FM and in medical radiography for St Elizabeth Medical Center.

Admittedly, most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing, but, that is called learning and I am pretty good at that.

Favorite Quote:

“Digging is something you MUST do!”

– me, or, one of my knucklehead college buddies

In my friend’s parlance, I am what is referred to as a digger (i.e. one who digs).