The Dangers of DevOps Metrics

Since my organization moved to DevOps, we have struggled to implement metrics that address operational and cultural aspects of the model in order to drive improvement. The struggle is an entirely normal part of the transition process, but in hindsight,…

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Zen and the Art of Testing Web Sites

Testing web sites is not hard. It’s primarily a combination of common sense and some basic comprehension about how web sites work. In fact the first thing you should do with a web page is not test at all.  Don’t touch the mouse or…

Learn Kubernetes Using Minikube & Docker on MacOS

Learn how to manage a Kubernetes cluster using a neat tool called Minikube which runs a single-node cluster inside a VM on your local workstation. Minikube is a great way to learn the most common commands and build up your “muscle memory” which helps your GyShiDo.

This post combines a simple Hello World guide with additional context for anyone brand new to Kubernetes.