How To Manage Your Passwords

Learn how to setup and use a free or low-cost password manager. Doing so will drastically improve your online security posture and reduce your security risk without a bunch of hassle.

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Meltdown and Spectre vulns affect Intel, AMD and ARM Processors

Despite financial news headlines downplaying the impact, Google Project Zero disclosed vulnerabilities that impact all major CPU, including AMD, ARM and Intel – threatening almost all PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones regardless of manufacturer or operating system and allowing attackers to steal sensitive data being processed by a computer..

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Learn Kubernetes Using Minikube & Docker on MacOS

Learn how to manage a Kubernetes cluster using a neat tool called Minikube which runs a single-node cluster inside a VM on your local workstation. Minikube is a great way to learn the most common commands and build up your “muscle memory” which helps your GyShiDo.

This post combines a simple Hello World guide with additional context for anyone brand new to Kubernetes.