Why I Stopped Using Facebook’s Mobile App

Over the past 4 years, I have gone through periods of installing and uninstalling Facebook’s mobile app out of frustration and protest because of reasons you are all likely familiar with, but this past winter, I found my reason to stop using Facebook’s mobile app: it was listening to my private conversations!

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Software Quality

Full Stack SDET: testing the tiers of technology

Over the past dozen years, the term “full stack developer” became a popular way to describe someone who can deliver a full product or solution – from design to delivery, from data to visualization, from bits to pixels.

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Software development

Learn Kubernetes Using Minikube & Docker on MacOS

Learn how to manage a Kubernetes cluster using a neat tool called Minikube which runs a single-node cluster inside a VM on your local workstation. Minikube is a great way to learn the most common commands and build up your “muscle memory” which helps your GyShiDo.

This post combines a simple Hello World guide with additional context for anyone brand new to Kubernetes. 

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how to

How to Protect your Internet Passwords

Some time ago, a very popular social network (whose name rhymes with PinkedIn) revealed that 6.5 million hashed user passwords were liberated and published to hacker sites on the internet. The alarming bit of that news is that it was…